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bp Station on Kythira island

New bp fuels with ACTIVE technology


The best bp fuels until today, against dirt are specially designed to help your engine run more efficiently and help reduce the chances of your car needing out-of-service maintenance.

Dirt is a hidden enemy that may exist inside your engine.

Common fuels  can cause residues to accumulate in critical parts of your engine, which increase over time and can cause:

Loss in performance
Increased fuel consumption
Smoother engine operation
Damage to the engine

Residues that accumulate can create more dirt on the engine – it’s a vicious circle.
The new bp New Active Gasoline with Active Technology is the best diesel fuel for diesel engines. They start to face the effects of dirt from the moment you put your car in, removing the dirt that the common fuel leaves inside the engine, and stops it from reappearing.

With continuous use, the new BP petrol with ACTIVE technology helps keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently, and helps reduce the chances of your car needing off-road maintenance.

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BP Kythira Station, is a company with experience in the field of fuel, based in Potamos, Kythira and is able to offer the ideal solution for any professional or private citizen and fill in the best and most economical way their every need.

Potamos, 80200, Kythira
Tel: +30 27360 33380 |

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  • Marine Yacht Fuels
  • Heating Oil Distribution
  • Gas Station
  • Lubricants
  • Car Washer
  • Tire Repairs