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To cook as a chef


The new MasterChef Cook & Store collection adds flexibility and gives solutions to your kitchen! It includes a classic measuring glass made of durable glass, square and rectangular utensils with a plastic lid and 2 glass-lided glasses all made of high-strength glass that can withstand temperatures from -40o to 300oC. They are suitable for use in a conventional oven (other than plastic), a microwave oven, a freezer and a dishwasher. The utensils are resistant to stains and scratches and do not contain odors or flavors.

With every purchase of 10 € = 1 coupon

  1. Collect the coupons and paste them into the voucher form
  2. Redeem the completed coupon form by selecting the product you wish and by providing the corresponding amount corresponding to the cashier
  3. There is no limit to the number of products you can collect
  4. You can buy the collection utensils either with discount or coupon coupons at the retail price shown on the brochure.

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BP Kythira Station, is a company with experience in the field of fuel, based in Potamos, Kythira and is able to offer the ideal solution for any professional or private citizen and fill in the best and most economical way their every need.

Potamos, 80200, Kythira
Tel: +30 27360 33380 |

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  • Marine Yacht Fuels
  • Heating Oil Distribution
  • Gas Station
  • Lubricants
  • Car Washer
  • Tire Repairs